Unlocking Drug Discovery with AI

10x the speed and efficiency of drug discovery.
Accessible medicine, cheaper & faster

Medicine Now (The Problem)

> It takes, on average, 15 years to develop a drug.

> There's over $2.5 billion in costs associated.

> No effective treatment for 90% of diseases.

> More than 2 billion people have zero acess to medicine.

Medicine Tomorrow (Our Goal)

> New treatments develop at a way faster rate.

> Cheaper costs as a result of efficient processes.

> Treatment exists for 100% of diseases.

> Everyone in the world has access to affordable medicine.

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Generating Novel Drug Molecules

Our system uses generative AI to produce brand new drug-ready molecules, at your will. No need to use your brain when you can use ours.

Making Molecular Lego Intructions

We create retrosynthesis pathways for molecules using reinforcement learning algorithms. Think lego instructions, except for life-changing medicine.

Watch our demo video

We're just starting off and are under development. Tons of things still to come. Watch this video to get a better understanding of Synbiolic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Just some cool information you should know. Read our article for more information on our technology and vision.

What is Synbiolic's vision?

To completely revolutionize the current drug discovery process using AI, increasing access to critical medicine, and saving lives.

Which phase of the drug discovery pipeline is Synbiolic trying to accelerate?

Synbiolic's platform can potentially transform the target and discovery phases by leveraging computational biology.

How do you ensure the validity of the generated compounds?

Synbiolic's platform obtains the QED (quantitative estimation of drug-likeness) of generated compounds and only extracts those with values higher than 0.5. Further in-vitro testing is required to validate the compound.

The Project Team